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Made in America and money back guaranteed

100% Money Back guarantee. We love our products, and strive to bring you the best. Try our products, and if you are unsatisfied, contact us to request a refund and we will give you 100% money back (minus shipping) no questions asked.

We use American raised premium beef ONLY. Along with our labels, and seasoning, made right here in the USA. We put America first, and take great pride in our country. The result - we bring you the best quality products possible.

FREE USA SHIPPING on all Build your own Bundles! That's right, FREE shipping right to your door with no extra hidden costs. All of our products are handcrafted, smoked, and flash frozen, and shipped right to your door, in our coolers, with ice packs that you can reuse over and over. Other companies may charge $15, $30, or even more for perishable ground shipping on fresh beef sticks. We do it for free on Every bundle order.

VIP SHIPPING COVERAGE: If your shipment gets lost, damaged, stolen, or un-delivered , we will send a replacement shipment at no cost to you 100% of the time. We understand things happen out of our control once your order leaves our faciltiy - we got your back with our VIP shipping coverage for everyone.

We use the safest shopping checkout. Your information is encrypted, and your credit card or banking information is safe and secure.


Summer Sausage

Habanero BBQ


Why choose addiction sticks?

American Made. We are Not the cheapest, We are the best.

Premium Quality

Customer Service

Unique Flavor

Get really addicted !!

What process do we follow to prepare our meats?



Smoked with real Hickory Wood



USDA inspected lean premium beef



America Raised Beef Only. No pork by products, or mechanically separated chicken

Fresh products

Our beef sticks are smoked and refrigerated and delivered fresh to you


Our beef sticks are made right. Smoked & flash frozen, then shipped right to your door for you to enjoy with FREE USA shipping. No extra drying or spraying with chemicals and preservatives.

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